A story in History


palazzo 400x303


A few miles from Rome, walking along the Rampart of Palazzo Milita in Cori, there is clearly the charm that is typical of places steeped in history.


Like the layers of a field, in the organization of surroundings and interiors of the house, it’s easy to see traces of a past century life and, going backwards, the medieval structure, the signs of Roman greatness up to the fascinating mysteries of the Pre-Roman Pelasgian civilizations, on whose walls and walkways the house always rested its foundations.


A short walk from the ruins of Dioscuri Temple, reconstructed by Silla (82-79 b.C.) in the Corynthian style, this house was built on the ancient way which led to the Temple, and incorporates several traces of ancient routes and subsequent works.


At the main entrance there is a well-preserved plaque commemorating  the restoration worked by Bentivolo Montagna in 1666.


This building has been mentioned in many historical and archaeological works and often represented in ancient reproductions and prints by famous artists and scholars from different countries.


Through these pages it is possible to immerse oneself  in history and mythology, in a magical place where colours, flavours, fragrances, history and culture combine in a surreal atmosphere: the charm of a distant past but still present.