The Internal Garden




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The internal garden which is accessed from the large balcony overlooking the great hall, is a little gem that rests on the platform of the bastion and contains fruit trees placed in well proportioned beds.


A door leads to the large undergrounds that extend to the other wing of the House and to the outlet on the Pelasgian Way.

Enrich glance the large blocks of Cyclopean walls and the remains of the Roman wall.








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The internal garden also features a large porch on which one can still find the lintel of an ancient passage that, in 1600, led to the barn and the area that is now the external garden, outside the House.


From the porch you enter a room that leads to Piazza Montagna and can be used as a small garage.


The wonderful location of the internal garden can finally enjoy a breathtaking landscape where the eye goes down to the sea.







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