Piazza Montagna




From the magnificent Temple of Castor and Pollux, rebuilt about 89 BC, are two Corinthian columns, ten meters high. This structure, along with the beautiful surrounding

ruins, give an idea of the original grandeur of the monument as a whole.


Walking in the archaeological area, after crossing Via delle Colonne, is joined Piazza Montagna with its typical Roman cobblestone pavement.


From here one can enjoy a

breathtaking view across the plains and push the eye down to the sea that provides, on the background, a unique and incomparable setting.



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Here, overlooking the south elevation of the Milita House with its many windows and two entrances on the square.


From the parapet of Piazza Montagna one can see the relevant House Garden with its fruit trees.


At the other end of the square is the Pelasgian Way on which open the main entrance of the House and the cellar.









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