Main Entrance




Continuing the Pelasgian Way, at Piazza Montagna, is the cobbled paving that leads to the main entrance of Milita House.


Recently restored, the main door is surmounted by a stone arch on which, in 1666, Bentivolus Montagna placed a plaque to commemorate the restoration he wanted.













ingressoInside is a lovely and well proportioned courtyard which overlooks the different entrances that lead to as many parts of the House.


The courtyard also has access to a large pit, now empty, whose premises extend to below the adjoining of Piazza Montagna.


Alongside one of the entrances, is the basement of an ancient pre-Roman sacrificial altar, found during medieval restoration, in the foundations of the building, along the ancient path leading to the nearby Temple of Castor and Pollux.







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