The Pelasgian Way



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Across the Pelasgian Way, after passing the prominent bastion upon which the building rests, one can realize all the effectiveness of the original fortifications of which it remains the most evident component.

Still present, at the top of the terracing, the medieval guard tower, headed by the present garden and its fruit trees.

A recent restoration of roadrun and the central staircase has given back to places their original appearance and fashion.






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Many studies were made to reconstruct the history of Cyclopean walls and the enigma of their construction.

One of the mosts fascinating aspects concerns the different theories about how so huge stones have been placed, at that time, in neat rows. It certainly shows the knowledge of an ancient building technique that let us still amazed. In the pages of this site are published some of the most important essays on the subject and, in particular, Palazzo Milita.

Continuing along Pelasgian way, modern parts of the building can be seen as they emerge from the terrace-base below. On the same street is placed the entrance that leads to building undergrounds and to the rests of an ancient roman road, still present inside the big cellar of Milita House. That road was used, more than 2000 years ago, to reach the Dioscuri Temple for prayers and sacrifices.